You want to be a better coach.

You’re full of enthusiasm and heart to help your clients figure out their lives and careers.

…so why are career coach training programs so dull!?


  • You know about career theory and resume strategy but struggle to make it interesting for clients

  • Your high expectations and caring demeanor means you feel it when an amazing client doesn't show up as great as they could

  • You know that stories make a difference in job search, but you don't know how to weave them into your practice beyond teaching the SOAR method

  • You know you could coach a higher-level client, but they're not the ones hiring you yet

You're not alone. These are common concerns for career coaches.

You want to use stories in your coaching practice.

And you've tried to learn some of it yourself because you are so resourceful.

You've read the books and taken other coach's classes (maybe mine!) to figure out how they're doing it differently.

But. it's not working in your coaching practice.

It's not sparking joy, it's making you feel a bit like a fraud, not a total fraud, but you want your coaching practice to feel more fun.

And, you'd like to tell better stories yourself. 

  • Helped you to know yourself better as a coach, so you could coach from your zone of genius (not just excellence)

  • Helped your clients to know themselves better, more quickly, without needing any other assessments

  • Drew in more clients than ever, regularly making over 10k a month, and always having demand for your work

  • Increased your confidence in delivering coaching that spoke to their heart, not just their ambitions.

INTRODUCING: Career Stories Coach Training

A six-month program to learn how to use The Career Stories Method with your ideal clients.

Oh! You found a sales page in progress~

Yes, I'm building out a coach training program. Send me a note at, if you want to know more.