You are here for a reason

If traditional coach training programs aren't working for you, there is a reason.

If you feel called to help others with their careers, while building a rich life for yourself, 
I'm here to help.  I care about that too.

Career Coach Club

Monthly masterclasses to infuse your coaching practice with joy. 

Three Ways to Help Clients Feel Confident About the Future

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Building online classes: Part 2, The Content

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How to tell interesting and memorable stories (to grow your career or business)

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Finding Your Career Coach USP

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Pinterest for Career Coaches

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Managing short online programs

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Helping Clients with Networking Scripts

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Building online classes: Part 4, Filling it with people

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Lead Magnet Conversation

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Building online classes: Part 1, Choosing a Class Topic

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How to start a Career Club

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Program Wrap-up

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Resume Teacher Training

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How to review a client's resume (and add a business line)

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Using Career Maps in Your Practice

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Using the 10 Possible Selves Exercise with clients

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Setting up and growing your LinkedIn company page

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Building online classes: Part 3, Pricing

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