Building online classes: Part 1, Choosing a Class Topic by Kerri Twigg

Building online classes: Part 1, Choosing a Class Topic

I thought the saying was "if you build it, they will come"

and so I spent one month creating an online resume class, I shared the news with people and then the sales came rolling in.

Well, just $490. Ugh...I thought I was going to make thousands!

I did a lot things wrong.

Firstly, I forgot the difference between a class and a course. 

Build for them, not for you.

And secondly, I built the class I wanted to build, not the class my clients were saying they needed.

It was almost like I was trying to show how smart I was about resumes. I forgot to make it approachable, do-able and enjoyable.

I went back to the start. I tracked conversations, questions and requests. I looked for where people got stuck in the course and fixed it.

I launched a new version of the course and sold $8,000 in a day.  I'd like to share with you how I did it. 

How to Build an Online Class: Part One

This one hour class focuses on the first step to develop an online class people want to buy.

It covers the four ways to decide which class to build and who it is for.

It includes:

- the four ways to decide which class you can build
- how to track your current potential client interactions to know what people want
- prompts to help you get clear on what will work for your clients and business

This class is the first class in a series on building online classes. The next class will be on November 26th.  Join the Career Coach Club to get this class + the next for just $30 USD