Career Coach Club by Kerri Twigg


I love this sector. 

Career coaching allows you to help people figure out their life and career. I can't think of anything more meaningful than that. 

People who have awesome careers are:
  • happier at work
  • less likely to harm themselves or others
  • more likely to innovate and solve the world's problems
Our work is to help people figure out what awesome work is and guide them how to land it. As coaches, we're not satisfied when someone lands any job. It needs to be the ideal one for them.

One problem with current career coaching training is that most trainings rely on teaching you methods and systems that worked for other people. To stand out in this market, and be comfortable coaching others, you need to bring your own combination of skills, exercises and insight to the pratice. 

Level up your coaching practice + marketing.

My business and I thrive in the career development sector.  But I know there are smart coaches out there who aren't thriving. I want to help in two ways:

1. COACH TRAINING. Provide relevant, fun and inspiring training to enhance your coaching practice (think new tools, techniques, processes & prompts) that you can't wait to try!

2. BUSINESS AND MARKETING TRAINING. Being an awesome coach is one thing. Having a thriving business is another. Since the beginning of my business I have never struggled to find or land clients.  You don't need to struggle either.

I know you are super at helping people figure out their careers and own their awesome. But being a career coach doesn't mean you don't need any help or support.

Your work as a career coach, whether as a self-employed person or part of an institution, corporation, not-for-profit or side hustle matters too.  And it requires regular investment in your work.

As the future of work asks everyone to change, career coaches need to be right there alongside the change -- helping our clients to navigate and master the change.

You need resources to keep you inspired and testing things, just like you ask your clients to do.

And I know from running my own coaching practice that I had to dig into some wild places to find inspiration and resources to enhance this work. And then I transformed those resources to work specifically for career coaching.

I don't know about you, but I find a lot of the resources and workshops that are meant for career practioners to be dry and it more "suity" that I'm looking for.

Real career coaches aren't having pretty conversations in high-rise buildings -- we're talking to real people in the muck of it all, trying to figure stuff out.

I think our training can happen in the muck too.

Also, we should talk about earning money.

I am amazed to hear incredible coaches, who are popular from the outside, are not making money at this work.


Each month I teach one lesson about marketing your business.
These are short & actionable resources that can raise your income right away. 

If you can't show value through your own marketing, how can you coach others to get the best salaries? Model your message.

Most people are drawn to this work because they want to help people. Cool. Me too. But it can help you too.

I come from not-for-profits, so I get it.  And if that is meeting all your needs, cool.

But, if you're wondering how to move from helping people for free to helping people and building an abundant life -- I can help with that too.

An abundant life to me by the way, is a life where I never struggle to gain clients, work or pay my bills. It's a handful of small vacations, Fridays off and taking afternoon walks with my dog. I'm not talking about multiple houses rich -- I don't strive for that. You go for what you want to go for.

Making money as a career coach is harder than it looks like from the outside. It has traditionally been seen as low value (often these roles are underpaid in the not-for-profit or post-secondary sectors) or can be done with a book. Part of being in this business is helping to rebrand career development as a cutting edge sector,  and you get to be part of making that happen. 


June 8: 9:00 AM (CST)
Managing short-online programs

June 23: 12:00 PM (CST)
Pinterest party. How to build your brand and business using Pinterest (plus let's do group boards)


The Career Coach Club is here to help you grow and love your career coaching business

The Career Coach Club is for aspiring and established career coaches who want grow their personal coaching practices.

It is for people who want to grow their practice through meaningful reflection, activities and action. 

Every month we dive into two career development topics that you can use in your life. 

The membership is month-to-month. Attend the sessions you want and take breaks as you need them.

When you enroll in the Career Coach Club membership, here's exactly what you'll do:

  • You will spend two hours every month examining a new career coaching method + something to build your business. 

  • You will get additional resources on how to implement the tool/technique into your life.

  • You will craft experiments to know yourself better.

  • You will reflect on those experiences to make business decisions.

  • You will learn what your ideal coaching practice looks like.

  • You'll practice improving the way you talk about your coaching work and the difference you make.

The process and techniques you'll learn in the Career Coach Club have been developed for over 8 years by researching and helping thousands of clients figure out their ideal work style and career & helping to build several successful businesses.

Career Coach Club

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