Finding Your Career Coach USP by Kerri Twigg

Finding Your Career Coach USP

How to identify your unique selling points to get more clients.

You are unique...but are you showing it?

Not all career coaches are the same. 

Some of us use stories. Some use assessments. Some work with students. And others with only executives.

It is your job to show people what makes you unique and the right coach for them. 

In this 1-hour class we cover:

If you are looking to:

- figure out what makes you unique as a coach
- build a coaching brand based on your skills and experience
- communicate that unique value to ideal clients
- create a content strategy based on your USP

Then you'll love this class.

You'll walk about with method on finding your USP, where and how to tell them. 

Easy peasy.  

What's included?

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