How to review a client's resume (and add a business line) by Kerri Twigg

If you know resumes, you could be making money from it

Some people think the money is in resume writing. If writing is something you love to do then it might be.

But for those who spend time coaching, creating programs and working day jobs, adding a resume writing service might not be feasible. The good ones take a long time and clients aren't always in the position to pay for that time.

Enter the resume review.

Who should offer a resume review service?

If you:

- work (or worked) as a recruiter, you can have a side business reviewing resumes. You'll be extra valuable if you have a niche.

- work (or have worked) in HR, where you were in charge of screening candidate's resumes.

- are a certified resume writer or strategist. You have the latest training in how resumes should be written.  You can help advise people.

- know a lot about resumes because you're thinking about becoming a career coach. Some of us like resumes and find them interesting. If you have helped friends and family with their resumes and stay up on trends, have relationships with hiring people (to fact check the things you read), then resume reviews could be the first thing service you offer.

What this class teaches

I've heard from other coaches that they'd like to add this business line, but they aren't sure how to set it up. 

In the class I teach:

- how to conduct a resume review
- how to prep to do a resume review
- how to price your review (hint: the price of this training would be covered by just selling one resume review)
- how to sell a resume review service 
- how to make an intake sheet to make the process clear to your client, and give you everything you need to do the review. (I include my intake sheet as a sample, feel free to use it, it works).

You can add a flexible income line just by helping people with their resumes.

Most people don't need a $1,000 resume re-write. They need someone to tell them exactly what impression their resume gives off and how to fix it. 

You could be that person. 

What's included?

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How to review a client's resume (and add a business line)

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