It's one thing to write a resume. It's another to teach it.

Do you ever feel like the only thing harder than sitting alone writing a resume is teaching others how to do it?

Let's be honest with ourselves.

It is hard.

It's not just that resumes have gotten a poor reputation as a boring document. 

It's not that people can't write anymore.

It's not that you can't teach.

And it's definitely not a lack of resources -- in the resume world, there is almost TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

What makes someone a great resume writing teacher instead of just a resume writer?  What makes them more memorable, have greater reach and most importantly -- impact several people at once?

When I first started teaching resume writing in 2013, I thought that if I switched up the samples, got prettier slides or gave better examples that I could improve the way I taught resume writing. 

But it didn't work. 

The more I tried doing random fixes like that, the more frustrated I got.

It wasn't working. I had students who were stuck, I felt drained by the end of the class and often, I ended up sitting beside people and writing it for them.

I knew that the way I had been taught resume writing was all wrong. And the way we were teaching them at the HR firm was all wrong. And that I needed to look at it in a whole new way.

I had to ignore the questioning from my peers and look at the class as an opportunity to build and teach the best class ever. I stopped thinking about what content I needed in the class and started focusing on how I wanted people to feel in class.

When I looked at the best teachers and coaches out there, I saw common themes. They trusted their students would do the work, they gave space for the work to happen. They are not the expert -- they are the guide.

That's what I wanted to build. 

I wanted to plan the best class. I wanted to change a resume writing class from boring to life changing.

I got a bit obsessesd about it. I returned to my old University books. I read blogs, I read learning theory, I read how to teach creativity and looked for any tool I could find. 

I went back into my 20 years of drama lesson plans and found activities I could use.

I took other people's resume writing courses and paid attention to where I got bored. 

And what I discovered surprised me.

I knew we had been teaching resumes wrong for a long time. The way they are taught actually ENCOURAGES people to play it safe.  

Here's TWO BIG THINGS  that happen in a resume writing class.

Adult learners are complex.

They come with a life experience beyond what we know.  When they are taught resume writing in terms of right or wrong, they will obsess over the format instead of  the content. 

I noticed that even mentioning ATS in the first class affected creativity on the resume. Whereas, when I mentioned them after creative writing, they were able to be more strategic. 

Few adults are creative in their every day life.

A lot of adults stopped being creative at some point, and stopped being artistic long before that. 

A resume asks someone who hasn't written more than a shopping list in the past few years to not only write, but write honestly about themselves. 

"I want this to be easy" syndrome

If people are feeling:

  • confused
  • nervous
  • scared
  • rejected
  • aloof about writing a resume

They are going to want todo it the easy way. They'll get a template, learn about the keywords,  do a trial scan with JobScan and be done with it.  You'd even get an A+ in a resume writing class.

But their resume won't work. 

Throwing in more resources and content won't help either.

Do you know these people:

  • The person who comes to the resume class, nods their head the whole time, makes small notes and you never see them again.

  • The guy who spends the entire time you are lecturing just trying to find keywords on his laptop. You read his resume and it has zero personality.

  • The person who listens to your whole lecture and then when you ask if they have any questions says, "how do you start again?"

Those people used to be in every one of my resume classes. They are not the problem. My teaching was.

Things resume writing teachers worry about.


Often resume classes are offered to people who need a resume that works.  They are being taught to newcomers, students, unemployed professionals and  people wanting to make a move. Teaching resumes is not about just sharing information, we need the participants active and writing.

Sometimes these programs are funded by the government or University and success needs to be seen and measured.


If you have taught other classese like "Introduction to Job Search" or "LinkedIn 101", you can feel like teaching resume writing is easy.

Teaching resume theory is easy.
Teaching resume strategy is kinda easy.
Teaching resume writing is an art unlike anything else I've taught (and I've taught acting since 1997)

It's hard to know you have to take people from a place of not having a great resume to creating one. Sometimes with very limited time.  Teaching doesn't always come with built-in prep time to research what else you could do.

Wouldn't it feel awesome to walk into any classroom and know that the class(es) you have planned will work, but also not exhaust you.


When you are a successful resume writer and/or coach, the next natural thing is to teach workshops. You can scale your business, build community and help more people with this move. But, coaching 1-1 is different than leading a class through a creative process.

You can use a lot of the same materials you use as a coach.  But, some will need to be adapted for the classroom. I can teach you how to do that and make the workshops your own.

There is a range for what people will pay for resume wriitng, but if you come in with a a great reputation and a process that works, your business will grow. You could run your own classes or offer this as an additonal service to an existing company.


Sometimes when you write resumes for a living, you can start to see your writing as special. It is special, but is the student's writing. The process I use to teach resume writing gets people who say they can't write -- writing. When clients write their own resumes it's gives them a confidence boost and increases their chances of acing the interview and LinkedIn. They won't need to look to anyone to sell themselves. They'll know themselves.


I feel like a lot of people who come to work in Career Development come from HR, administration, community development or recruitment.  And while you may have run a few presentations, presentations are different than workshops and classes.

Sometimes you know all the activities you want to do, but not how they work best together. 

I come from education first. My first degree is how to teach using drama (which means to do). I also have an M.Ed which is all about how to teach people about difficult things without making them retreat. I can help you put together a resume course that sounds and feels like you, while making sure it connects with mulitple learner styles and meets the objective.

I'm Kerri Twigg, and I want to help you teach people to write resumes.

And not just any resume. 

The very best resume they can make. 

So that people know their voice matters and they can go for their own dream. 


A training program just for people who want to teach resume writing. 

There are lots of places to learn how to be a resume writer or career coach.

But not many that teach you how to teach others to write their own resumes. 

That's why I made this. 


The Programs runs August 12 - September 20.

  • THREE bi-weekly Hot Seat sessions with Kerri Twigg, with worksheets and homework to help you build momentum and bring your resume class to life.
  • Mini classes inside every hot seat, where you’ll map out your class, and master your messaging.
  • THREE bi-weekly office hour weeks where you’ll submit your work for review to Kerri and she’ll provide feedback, so you can keep making progress.
  • Unlimited private LinkedIn support group all 6 weeks, with access to Kerri's brain + the brains of your colleagues whenever you need them.
  • A private 30 minute 1-1 session with Kerri at the time of your choosing (this can be before, during, or within two weeks of the end).
  • Access to Kerri's entire Resume Writing and Job Search course, that she uses at the University of Winnipeg (not available for the public).

By September 20th, you'll have a complete Resume Class curriculum and be ready to launch it to the world!


The training program will get you a complete Resume Class that you can launch in your organization, school, community or online.

You can opt to get certified by Career Stories Consulting as a Certified Resume Teacher for an additional $2,000 usd. This certification is limited to five people in 2019. 

The process for certification is simple. After you have completed the workshop, you will teach it at a place of your choice.  You will work with Kerri in advance of teaching and do regular debriefs after each class. An evaluation form will be distributed to participants for additonal review.

People with the Certified Career Stories Resume Teacher Certificate will be listed on the Career Stories website and have their names provided when workshop requests come in.  The certficate is valid for three years. 
  • How to plan intelligent classes that get people writing
  • How what you do when you enter the class matters and how to control the power dynamics in the room
  • How to help particpants feel comfortable writing 
  • How to plan the class so there are no lulls and people feel good (while getting work done)
  • How to stop beating yourself up about how you teach and embrace your unique teaching style
  • My step-by-step process for planning the energy of a class
  • How to develop unshakable confidence in yourself
  • My method for moving people away from resume templates to trusting their own voice
  • What makes a decent resume sample and how we can encourage self-authorship over cutting and pasting
  • How to talk about your course offering and get paid to teach 
  • How to NEVER stress about having to find work or people to teach
  • How to set up an online resume course. 
  • What makes you a great resume teacher and how to sell that story to have people yearning to learn from you. 

The real content

There are three modules:

1. How to set a creative tone

2. Proven teaching strategies that get participants up and writing

3. How to create a lesson plan that matches your natural coaching style

4. How to market your course to potential students or businesses.

The course walks you through three modules + live calls to make the content relevant for you. By the end of the class you will have a complete resume lesson plan for your ideal target. 


- to teach better resume writing classes
- expand your business naturally (I make atleast $10,000/month teaching resume writing)
- impact more people with one product
- help people find their voice and land jobs
- to feel confident in your teaching style
- create lesson plans that you can trust
- live the life you've dreamed of

Get into the course. I'd love to have you. 


I work internationally, with the majority of my clients in the USA.  Please check the current exchange rate to ensure you are comfortable paying in USD.  Thank you.